Researcher in charge

Prediction and control of the vibration or reradiated noise levels in buildings induced by railway infrastructures or construction activities. Robert Arcos
Experimental evaluation of the vibration and noise induced by railway infrastructures or construction activities. Robert Arcos
Design of vibration abatement solutions for railway infrastructures or construction activities, such as isolation screens, fasteners or complete superstructures specifically designed for vibration control, Dynamic Vibration Absorbers (DVA) and other solutions. Robert Arcos
Dynamic characterization of railway superstructures. Robert Arcos
Determination of the absorption coefficient of acoustic materials. Jordi Romeu
Determination of dynamic stiffness and damping coefficient of elastic materials and vibration isolators. Jordi Romeu
Measurements of noise and vibrations caused by industrial activities or infrastructures Jordi Romeu
Making noise maps and determination of noise areas. Santiago Jiménez
Consultancy on developing action plans to reduce urban noise. Santiago Jiménez
Determination of sound power according to UNE norms in the laboratory or in the facilities of the customer. Andreu Balastegui
Determination of noise sources in machinery, vehicles or industrial processes. Andreu Balastegui
Modal analysis of components or structures. Robert Arcos
Detailed studies developed based on the Finite Element Method (FEM) and/or the Boundary Element Method (BEM) for problems of noise and vibration in facilities, infrastructure, machinery, etc. Teresa Pàmies
Characterization of the mechanical properties of the ground in a specific location using the MASW method. Robert Arcos
Prediction of the pantograph/catenary contact dynamics. Robert Arcos
Customized training for companies and government departments. Jordi Romeu