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The Acoustical and Mechanical Engineering Laboratory (LEAM) is a research group of technical experts in noise and vibration control at the Polytechnical University of Catalonia.
The group's mission is to research and develop techniques to solve vibroacoustic problems.  Our research areas are detailed in the research section and aim to obtain results that can be transfered to their socioeconomic environment.
Researchers at LEAM have expertise in noise control techniques, both for basic research in acoustics and vibrations as well as technology transfer to industry, developing innovative projects aimed at applying technology to the industrial and/or administrative environment, and where technology transfer between the parties involved is an important component. The technological risk of some of the projects is shared with the business partner and any discovery serves as the basis for the development of doctoral thesis for laboratory personnel.
LEAM manages grants for innovative national and international projects, integrating basic and applied research, and, at the same time, it carries out awareness raising tasks at companies about investing in technological innovation and developing R&D projects.
The laboratory is equipped with modern and portable instrumentation, of which we would like to highlight our multichannel vibroacoustic analyzers, acoustic intensimetry and multifunctional sound meters. Likewise, we also have the latest tools for finite element calculation and determining the environmental impact of infrastructure.