Collaboration possibilities

Specific services

The research group provides services that meet the specific needs of business or government, to determine the sound power of a product or to determine the vibroacoustic impact of an activity on the environment.  For a complete list of services, click here.


Development project

Many products are subject to some limitation on their vibroacoustic emissions and in this case, the LEAM participates as an acoustic advisor in the design process, making numerical or analytical models of physical phenomena and/or conducting the necessary experimental trials. This type of collaboration is usually done by research agreements with companies that can lead to obtaining government grants or reduced taxes.


Research projects

Companies and governments interested in acquiring new knowledge in the vibroacoustic field can propose a research project. We can work through an agreement of collaboration or can manage a consortium to apply for Spanish government funding announcements or from the EU.


Targeted doctoral dissertations

For companies interested in exploring a further aspect related to noise or vibration, it is possible to define a doctoral thesis related to this goal. A PhD takes three years to complete and aims to add knowledge to a specific field of work.  This approach has many advantages:


  • The cost of the contract for the doctoral student can be shared between the UPC and the company, significantly reducing the total cost of the contract. 
  • Industrial doctorate programme of the Generalitat de Catalunya is an interesting funding tool for companies that wants to fully contract a PhD student.
  • The company participates in the candidate selection process.
  • Once the thesis is finished, the company can benefit from subsidies for hiring the doctor.
  • Access to LEAM resources.